Data Dosen Program Studi MSP

Biodata Singkat Dosen Fakultas Pertanian Prodi MSM

No NIP Nama Alamat/No Kontak
 1 196103121984031003 Prof.Dr. Ir. Muhammad. Zainuri, M.Sc
 2 198006242006041005 Dr. Akhmad Farid, S.Pi., MT
 3 197706262002121001 Firman Farid Muhsoni, S.Pi., M.Sc
 4 197506212002122001 Indah Wahyuni Abida, S.Pi., M.Si
 5 197705302003121001 Haryo Triajie, S.Pi., M.Si
 6 198003082005011004 Hafiludin, S.Pi., M.Si

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